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Craig has helped me enormously over the last year. I had lots of stories in my head that I couldn't quite get out onto the page. His advice and guidance gave me the confidence to improve. I learned the foundations of story writing and his dedication to reading my my work and providing critical feedback was nothing short of excellent.


Having put together a collection of short stories I then used Craig's editing service and was delighted. The service offered was professional, timely and tailored to suit my expectations. I have recently been published and this is in no small part due to Craig's positive influence and encouragement throughout the process.

Ryan G

I have completed three sets of creative writing courses with Craig, highly recommend, I have learnt so much. Craig always answers any questions I have, which there have been a lot of and always gives very helpful feedback efficiently. Thanks to the brilliant classes I have been able to finish two novellas, before I wasn't even close to finishing anything!

Nicola C

My writing style and storytelling ability has been greatly improved thanks to the guidance I received from Craig. He is a knowledgeable and highly capable and I feel lucky to have benefited from his writing experience.

Jo M

I had come as far as I could alone and Craig has helped me move into a new phase of writing by picking up issues I couldn't work out. His input and time really made a difference and I would happily recommend him.

Simon W

Craig has been my go-to script reader for the past ten years now and he has never let me down with his comprehensive feedback and fast turnaround. What I appreciate most about his service is the way in which he combines both his professional observations with more personal perspectives on the material.

Louis A

I have attended a whole year of Craig’s Advanced Creative classes at Eastleigh College and have benefitted massively from his teaching.

Craig has a great deal of knowledge to share and I soon found I was automatically incorporating the ideas in my work which improved it enormously.

Eve W

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